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Aditya International School

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Teacher is that respectable person who provides good education to the student to build up a civilized society
Aditya International School is synonymous with academic excellence and personality development. Students who are in their roll provides an unlimited value. The flexible curriculum at all levels and new trends in education to take root in the current system allows. Keep pace with the rapidly changing educational landscape helps.

Our Aim and values to pursue their ambition to create comprehensive and the school motto out of reach, reach higher, beyond the reach Aditya International School, express properties ready to send graduates into the world, a good, far better opportunities education of students with offers - structured and supportive environment. Our common goal at the highest educational qualifications, integrity, social consciousness, warmth and courage of young people to develop.


Top School Management & Infrastructure

Aditya Internation School's GOAL?

The goal of the school is to impart purposeful education of high quality duly emphasizing physical, intellectual and spiritual growth. Aditya Internation School aim not only to produce good students but also citizens who are prepared to take the challenges of society,be responsible and responsibe to their Society , Nation and World.

" The root of education are bitter, But the fruit is sweet."

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Aditya Internation School